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  • Absence of database on Maps' availability, and of demand and supply, which affect imports and exports, local trade, regional trade.
  • Absence of legal advice on national and international laws
  • Absence of a MAPs portal to make info such as market data, tenders, auctions, events and activities, etc available
  • Absence of trading standards for MAPs stakeholders.
  • Lack of authentic bulletins and magazines for MAPs stakeholders in their own languages
  • Lack of promotion of Indian MAPs globally
  • Lack of information about global developments regarding standards and emerging technologies with regard to botanicals and other bio-resources
  • Lack of stakeholder training programs on various subjects such as value addition techniques of processing and marketing, organic farming, GMP, GCP, etc
  • Lack of regulatory provisions affecting the smooth flow of commerce within the sector and compliance.
  • Lack of transparency in MAPs sector
  • Non awareness about government schemes and programs

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