Conference On Traditional Medicine In India Vietnam


FEDMAPS attended the Conference on Traditional Medicine in India and Vietnam on FITM(Forum on India Traditional Medicine) Platform, Established By Minstry Of AYUSH In RIS(Reasearch and Information System For Developing Countries). This Conference has been established to address the strengths and stresses on Traditional Medicines and bring voices from stakeholders for developing coherent national policies and responses to global developments in the field. 

Policy imperatives to promote Indian trade and industry

Industry and Trade of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Trade involves primarily the dried parts of medicinal plants and industry uses them for the production of indigenous systems of medicine in India. Modern allopathic medicine as well as herbal and phyto-medicines also obtain active ingredients from these plant parts. The current trade processes are largely opaque and unregulated, with extraction affecting wild populations as well. The trade continues to grow in the face of both domestic and global demand, and in the absence of serious policy review, and assessment for corrective action. In addition, enforcement of even policies on…

Policy imperatives for sustainable growth

Marketing Board along the lines of existing commodity Boards such as Coffee, Tea and Silk will help focus efforts to:- Develop new markets with international standards. Regulated mandis such as those that prevail for agricultural commodities are crucial for the promotion of medicinal plants. Some of these mandis have already added various commodities of local importance to their auction lists and have, over the years, specialized in the trade of a diversity of commodities, including herbal raw drugs. To formalise this process, various state governments have notified the list of…

Regulatory and Legal

Regulatory and Legal

Development of any sector needs positive policy environment and enabling provisions. The medicinal plant sector will also get boost if the concern provisions are put in place. The earliest Acts and policies of Indian Government are basically conducive to the growth of the MPs as the classification of forests into various categories. The limiting of the rights of the people in the forest lands did help the conservation of the MPs indirectly, the Panchayati Van Adhiniyam is subjected to many Central and State Acts, policies. The people are largely unaware…