Networking & IT

Networking & IT Space Intervention

Information technologies need to be used extensively to gather and disseminate information to various stakeholders. This can be done at lower cost, quickly and with wide reach. Networking among research institutes, universities, cultivators, industry and the government (both domestic and international) can make available timely information on weather, prices and cultivation technologies to enable informed decision making by farmers. Industry too can be helped to expand into newer markets and keep abreast of new technologies and the latest laws and regulations.

Such technologies can also be used to facilitate trade and commerce. Farmers can realize better prices. Industry can tap international markets. Electronic payment systems are also a useful part of this process.

Information needs to be made available through multiple means (audio, video, television, telephony, and the Internet) and to both individuals and organizations. Websites Apps, portals, databases and information packages are all essential components of this.