Proposed Activities

                                                                       Aromatic plants

1. Develop strategies and guidelines for cultivation and sustainable collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs).

2. Establish portal and a database on the demand and supply of MAPs. Training of stakeholders and updating them though a bulletin in regional languages.

3. Making authentic seedling and seed material available to the cultivators and setting up of regional mandies/markets.

4. Set up a database of MAPs stakeholders and to design national and international network.

5. Make stakeholders aware of regulatory information and take up their concern with concern authority.

6. To consolidate the earlier research on MAPs and make the latest research available to stakeholders and help in public private partnership.

7. Establish a comprehensive market intelligence database and portal on Indian MAPs.

8. To promote the Indian systems of Indigenous systems of medicine.

9. To protect Intellectual Property Right (IPR) of traditional medicine.

10. To work for making MAPs produce being considered as ‘Agricultural Produce’.