Research & Development

Research and development activities contribute to enrichment of flora and fauna, environmental protection and help people through its relevant economic applications in health and medical care.

I.Information on medicinal plants, land utlization, mapping, analyses and supply chain.

  • Undertake a major program to collect, compile, analyses, up-date and provide all information on medicinal plants to stake holders. Access the so far conducted studies and data and to make available in new form with a dynamic open ended utilization value.
  •  Mapping and Methods for utilization of degraded or non-forest land for cultivation. 
  • Identify and provide value addition at each level of supply chain for enhancing and protecting the quality of raw material.
  • Undertake Unique Identity Code (UIC) for each plant with passport data to help for variety of needs
  • Authentication, Supply and Support For Medicinal Plants & Raw Materials To Encourage Research & Development On Medicinal Plants.

II. Agro-technology

  •  Quality Planting Material.
  • Tissue Culture Techniques and Outcomes.
  • Techniques for sustainable harvesting, cultivation practices & post harvesting.
  • Agro technique for cultivation based on prioritization.
  • Agro Forestry to increase Forest Areas and Protect Trees with Medicinal Value.
  •  Agro technology for the imported Medicinal Plants Used in various industries.
  •  Developing Integrated Crop Modules.

III. Standards &quality control

  • Developing internationally accepted standards for different certifications.
  • Develop and Promote Labelling and Packaging Standards.
  •  Encourage Gene Banks, Seed Banks, DNA Banks, Herbarium & Labs.
  • Developing global protocols and SOPs for different activities as above.
  • Encourage and establish mobile laboratories to test quality of MPs.
  • Development and availability of active and passive marker compounds.

IV. New product development

  • Encourage to explore therapeutic rationale and methodologies for novel food, cosmetics and medicinal AYUSH based products with end-use priority.
  • Encourage research in predefined illness conditions by matching it with known uses and attributes of medicinal plants in Ayurveda, Unani& Siddha Systems.
  • Isolation of active constituents and New Therapeutics.
  • Standardization and quality control of commonly used plant ingredients and products mainly used as home remedies.
  • Undertake biological and clinical validation of useful herbal remedies and specific disease solutions with predefined goals.
  • Encourage, promote ‘herbal Pharmacy’ as a concept.

V. Technology Adaptation

  • Encourage Technology Adaptation in above areas.