Sustainable Harvesting & Post Harvesting Management

Sustainable harvesting and post harvesting

India can no longer afford to rely on wild collection of MPs from the forests. A change in our mind-set from Collection to Cultivation is therefore essential and must be ensured in our funding structure in this sector. It has also reduced and underestimated India’s role in global herbal business as supplier of raw herbs rather than supplier of good quality finished herbal solutions/medicines. To ensure regular and uninterrupted supply of raw material to industry, good quality well characterized MPs that are in high demand should be cultivated at farmers’…

Research & Development

research and development

Research and development activities contribute to enrichment of flora and fauna, environmental protection and help people through its relevant economic applications in health and medical care. I.Information on medicinal plants, land utlization, mapping, analyses and supply chain. Undertake a major program to collect, compile, analyses, up-date and provide all information on medicinal plants to stake holders. Access the so far conducted studies and data and to make available in new form with a dynamic open ended utilization value.  Mapping and Methods for utilization of degraded or non-forest land for cultivation. …

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Medicinal and aromatic plants(FEDMAPS)

The Federation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Stakeholders (FEDMAPS) is an autonomous body to promote the sector. We are involved in advocacy and also dedicated to updating its stakeholders with national and international regulatory, research government policies and schemes, conservation measures and markets. It promotes knowledge among its members by conducting training and to keeping them informed on global trends affecting the sector.  FEDMAPS works with agencies concerned to ease regulatory provisions affecting the smooth flow of commerce within the sector. We also motivates the stakeholders to update themselves with…

International Symposium

Inaugural of International Symposium

The main objectives of this international symposium on policy are: To understand (exchange) the state of biodiversity conservation of medicinal plants at national level; To introduce multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoralpolicy- legal, administrative and implementation difficulties- regarding production and marketing of MAPs in India; To discuss different policy and institutional options, choices and framework suitable to support stable production, consumption and marketing system of the MAP and AYUSH sectors in India; To recommend  multi-dimensional policy and regulatory mechanisms that are acceptable and implementable by different ministries; To ensure the practice of sustainable…

Collecting & Analysing of Prices and Volume of Top 100 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in High Demand in Trade of 25 Major Markets of India

Collecting and analysis

  ‘Marketing research of price is a process used by government organisations to collect, analyse and evaluate information used to make sound strategy on policy, programs & schemes to generate employment and also to economic upliftment of grassroots level population’. It also helps to understand current scenario of markets and to identify opportunities and problems. In fact, market research is backbone of preparing any successful program and schemes for growers and trading sector. The one of the main objective of establishing National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) is to streamline the…

Meet of Cultivators, Traders, Manufacturers and Foreign Buyers- AROGYA 2017


Objective: To encourage interest in trade of herbal raw material and their value added products globally. To provide a better platform to discuss challenges in exports. To provide awareness in cultivators-traders about foreign market possibilities. To bridge the gap by providing a direct link between potential foreign buyers. To create opportunities for Indian cultivators and traders. To educate Indian cultivators and traders about the requirement of foreign buyers related to specifications, certifications, quality aspects etc. To provide a better price to traders-cultivators for their products. PROJECT ASSIGNING AGENCY:  Federation of Indian…