Board of Directors

Janak Raj Rawal, President and Board Member National Medicinal Plants Board

Janak Raj Rawal, as the Managing Director of Rawal Medherbs Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has established himself and his company in the forefront of providing detailed and authentic information on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) to multiple stakeholders in what has been a very opaque industry in India until now. He is also a member of National Medicinal Plants Board, an autonomous body under Ministry of AYUSH. He has built up a track record over the past decade and a half by publishing 15 books of Medherb Green Pages and Aroma Green Pages, which also carry very illuminating articles about the industry. These publications have set the benchmark for quality information. He has visited a number of countries in Asia and Europe that have a tradition of indigenous systems of healthcare, based on MAPs and established contacts with the trade there.

Satish Thappar, Vice President

Mr. Satish Thappar started his career with establishing an event management company Kapco Arts Pvt. Ltd. /Modern Interiors about 30 years back. Under his company umbrella lot of big events, seminars and conferences organized in India and abroad. He is very gentle and soft spoken personality and always ready to help downtrodden people. He joined as founder member of FEDMAPS because having his profound aim to serve cultivators and collectors of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Shonal Gupta, General Secretary

He is spirited and youngest member of the founder's team with all-encompassing corporate and social experience. He tenders 20 years of extensive experience in diversified management domains like Innovation, Strategy & Leadership, Functional & Project Consulting, Marketing domains like Research and CRM, Technology Implementation, Quality and Process Engineering, Skill and Organization Development, Social Engineering with People Networking & Engagement, etc.

His associate's opinion's him as a Spiritualist, Naturalist, Visionary, Coach, Writer, Philanthropist, Social Activist, Public Speaker and a true friend. Although an ardent Delhiite, he revere's travelling and has watermarked his trails in various countries including US, UK, Japan, UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, etc.

Why FEDMAPS - He envisages a disease free India with both physical and mental well-being of fellow humans. FEDMAPS objectives are in line his life's mission to create healthier and sustainable planet for our future generations.

Past Professional association: COLT, Convergys India Services, Cisco Systems, Blackrock, PCWORLD, The Hindustan Times, Jasubhai Digital Media, ORG-MARG, Indica Marketing, Dun and Bradstreet, Marketing Associates, Logicsoft international.

Rakesh Aggarwal, Treasurer

Sh Rakesh Aggarwal is the reputed proprietor of well known National Herbs Company established in 1993 in Delhi. He is having vast experience of about 36 years in the herbal trade. His company supply to leading manufacturing units in India. He is an importer as well as exporter of herbs and spices. His main imports are from Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, Dubai and Nigeria . His company is well known name in the field of medicinal plants throughout India in Trade circles and all the major markets. His inventory consists of a large collection of raw herbs. He is well aware and concerned with the biodiversity and conservation aspects of the medicinal plants. He is procuring herbal raw materials not only from open markets but also from the cultivated sources. He thinks that most challenging aspect of herbals is care and augmentation of natural resources. To understand the finer tunes of the trade he visited China, Pakistan and Nepal several times. He has great respect for Indian systems of medicine and wishes that the field grows further. His cooperative and soft nature and easy accessibility has endeared him in trade circles also. He feels that Government should support and promote the herbal sector through friendly schemes and programs.