Collecting & Analysing of Prices and Volume of Top 100 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in High Demand in Trade of 25 Major Markets of India


‘Marketing research of price is a process used by government organisations to collect, analyse and evaluate information used to make sound strategy on policy, programs & schemes to generate employment and also to economic upliftment of grassroots level population’. It also helps to understand current scenario of markets and to identify opportunities and problems. In fact, market research is backbone of preparing any successful program and schemes for growers and trading sector.

Collecting and analysisThe one of the main objective of establishing National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) is to streamline the sourcing and marketing of MAPs as raw drugs. In this context, NMPB has decided to start with to collect top 100 raw drugs (Herbs) prices with volume in 25 major markets from India. It will benefit stakeholders particularly cultivators of MAPs to decide which crop they grow and in which market they sell. It will help to NMPB to expand their activities in trading sector and also to develop an appropriate mechanism for coordination and implementation of policies relating to medicinal plants both at the Central and State levels is necessary to facilitate inter-Ministry, inter-state and institutional collaboration and to avoid duplication of efforts.


  • To know current prices of MAPs in different major markets of India;
  • To understand volume being traded of each selected MAPs;
  • To know the current procurement & sourcing points of MAPs;
  • To understand the consequences of regulatory in MAPs trade;
  • To provide update market information to stakeholders;
  • To understand the price fluctuation & its components;
  • A glimpse of current scenario and market infrastructure;
  • Feedback from traders on improvement of MAPs sector;
  • Identification of supply chain;
  • Database to support e-Charak app;

collecting and analysing pricesprice list of 100 maps Analysis


PROJECT DURATION- 15 Months(May 2017 – July 2018)

PROJECT ASSIGNING AGENCY- National Medicinal Plants Board.

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